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I'm a creative designer, and enthusiastic storyteller. My goal is to inform, engage, and inspire people through interior design, and the stories that I tell through the eye of the camera. 


Branding does not end once the logo is finished. Every step of the way you need to ask what do I want my client/customer to feel.

That feeling should extend inside your company’s physical space. The environmental design space is a crucial element of the brand experience. Interior execution should embody the values and vibe of your company in the same way a logo or website would.

My work
Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality, and Vacation Rentals

Digital Storytelling
You have your logo, website, and your interior space designed -  now let's tell your story.

Forming a genuine connection is the first step to creating a lasting relationship with customers. This connection is what drives brand loyalty and keeps customers coming back. People connect with other people. Storytelling helps a brand create a sincere human connection to a brand. 

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This is me

My passion for reinventing spaces led the Wall Street Journal to recognize me as a “pioneer in the Lifestyle movement,”. My love for visual storytelling has served me as an on-camera designer for numerous networks including HGTV and NBC. I also produce and direct content for Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and Amazon where the environments that I create  and stories that I tell amplify my clients narrative, generating a deeper connection between their brand and the customers they serve. I'm the author of Cube Chic with Chronicle Books, and have had successful brand partnerships with Benjamin Moore, Crate and Barrel, Macy’s and Lexus to name a few. I am the designer and owner of Pink Bateau, a curated fine-dining cruising experience on Lake Union in Seattle. I became a Design Producer on-camera for Kim Myles on the show High Design on Discovery+.  Our partnership on the show led us to form a partnership off camera, launching MylesMoore Studios, designing commercial spaces all around the world.  

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