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"Cue in interior designer Kelley Moore, who approaches the bane of all workers with an optimistic guide to cubicle decor inspiration, Cube Chic: Take Your Office Space from Drab to Fab, Hip-Hop, a pub, safari, cubism, a garden, and cabin style decor are all presented as inspiration, showing those three walls keeping you caged in for the day can be less San Quentin snore and more Elle Decor. "  


 - Apartment Therapy

"That's where the book Cube Chic by Kelley L. Moore comes in to blow your mind with awesome and inspiring cubicle decorating that even the most boring of us can put to use. The book has been so successful, it has sprouted a web store for cubiclites to purchase decorative items to spruce up their own personal space and even a blog for frustrated cubicle decorators and designers."

  - Trend Hunter


"Fantastic fixes help your sad, pathetic cubicle!       - WIRED Magazine

 Seattle Magazine Column 

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