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I created and developed ‘Crisis & Docktails” in March 2020 as I was sitting on my boat (aka. home) during a global pandemic, As I sat there with a cocktail in hand, quarantined,  I was contemplating mid-life, my hormones, dating escapades and what might happen if I was stuck here forever with my dog and a family of ducks.   


I appreciate a good cocktail so I decided to step away from my lip-syncing career on TikTok, and begin to test cocktails that I found online.  I felt like drinking alone was a bad idea, so I set up my phone and every Friday I mixed up a cocktail and held a live happy hour on Facebook.  

There were people around the world going through this pandemic, and I thought "why should we have to be alone." I realized I had the opportunity to create a home where I could be honest, irreverent and share my experiences to make it through this crazy time of life. And cap it all off with a cocktail.” 

My hope is that you will use this site as a resource, but also a place to share your stories - from crazy relationships/dates, to funny stories about home schooling your kids, etc.. I want this to be a place where people know that they are not alone in this craziness.  You never know, maybe I'll dedicate a cocktail to your story and you could be a part of my next book!  

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