"As someone who has had the pleasure of working with Kelley on multiple occasions at Home & Garden Television (HGTV), I can honestly say that she is an absolute triple threat. 


She is a fabulous designer, who works well under tight deadlines and with limited budgets. 


She is a dynamic and relatable on-camera talent who resonates with our viewing audience. 


And most importantly, she is a true team player and collaborator." 

- Loren Ruch, HGTV & DIY, Vice President Program Development & Special Projects

Kelley Moore is one of those bright stars you meet in your career that you never forget. I was charged with building a team of talented, likeable hosts and we wooed her from New York to head our home and lifestyle vertical. 


Joyus's short form video was the first of its kind. We were inventing something new and Kelley brought years of television experience and best practices to our brand. More importantly she showed flexibility, heart, enthusiasm, and patience through many challenging moments of our startup's trial and error period. 


Kelley is a professional and a natural problem solver. She also makes her surroundings more beautiful wherever she goes and took our sets and production studio to a new level the moment she arrived. 


We currently live in different cities but I wish we could find a way to work together again. 

- Gina Pell, Co-Founder, Joyus

I worked with Kelley in her Business/Strategic Planning phase and so I got to know the extent of her brainpower/soulpower, both of which are powerful to the max. She is a very intelligent and principled young woman, and her successes are very easy for me to understand. She has an excellent brain coupled with an elegant touch.

_ John Parrish, President, Business Services Co.

"Kelley helped OfficeMax integrate must-have style with Back-To-School public relations, promotions and in-store display and merchandising. 


With the goal of attracting the 'tween and teen audience getting ready for a new year and a new start, Kelley curated the content and style that gave our campaign a distinct edge in a highly competitive seasonal market."

- Bill Bonner,  Director of Marketing, Office Max

"I had the privilege of attending Kelley's workshop, "And We're Live," in September 2013. Uncertain of what to expect, I went into the experience slightly hesitant and very nervous. However, the experience would shape my career, my confidence, and be something I refer back to again and again whenever I need a creative boost or kick of motivation. I learned the ins & outs of branding, as well as how to navigate my personal brand alongside my professional work. I gained better understanding of my actual skill set (not just what I would write down on a resume, but what I can actually offer), and therefore was much more confident with my work going forward. Kelley has a knack for finding the potential in every student and helping them push forward towards their goals. Our class had very different people in attendance, and Kelley was able to cater to each and every person's individual needs. She is a true resource & I could not recommend working with her more."

- Kelli Lamb, Editor in Chief Rue Magazine

"Kelley is one of those people that you meet and feel you've known her forever. She is completely honest and earnest. She listens and really does want to hear your story. 


Kelley's creativity, passion and ability to get it done always impresses me.


We worked together on launching a big new brand in the marketplace. She was focused and positive on making everything work. And it did. 


Working with Kelley set a new standard for me. I've always referred to that experience when setting expectation on projects since."

- Mimi Fernandez, Director, Account Management, Lucid

I had the privilege of attending one of Kelley's workshops with a valuable focus on how to "build your own brand". The first thing I noticed was how well put together it was with the greatest attention to the smallest of details. Kelley brings a professional and inspiring presence to the room. She has a vibrant personality and this translates into the beautiful results of her hard work. She has had an amazing career to date, and I admire her passion and drive for what she does. The workshop flowed flawlessly and all the content was highly engaging and relevant to each participant. She appreciates each individuals unique qualities and encourages their true essence to shine through. I gained so much knowledge from Kelley's expertise and experience in the media that I can now apply to to my own brand and business.


-Sarah Hawthorne, Certified Health Coach and proud creator of My Balance & Wellness