I've always had a deep desire to connect with people and celebrate life.  When I was a little girl, I watched my parents throw dinner parties.  My dad would mix cocktails behind the bar, my mom would decorate a table, and their friends would laugh and dance.  At the end of the night, my parents would end up on a sofa, with a glass of wine, listening to Marvin Gaye, and talking about the night.  They were always surrounded by people they had deep connections with who became my family. 

Out of that experience, I have built a career around sharing that passion, first as an Event Planner, planning parties around the world, and now in television as a host and expert.  From mixing a cocktail on The View, to sharing ways to create an environment at home on HGTV, and teaching people to gather and build relationships by entertaining on shows like Steve Harvey & Nate Berkus - it's what drives me in life.  Spreading that love, with the hopes people will be inspired to do the same.  

I believe that a great dinner party, or a well decorated room, is not only a place of sanctuary, but a break from the ordinary and a chance to celebrate what really matters — connection, inspiration and perhaps a memory that your 90-year-old self will thank you for as you sit and recall the experiences of your life. 

My mission is not for people to aspire to do things perfectly, but instead to be inspired making it accessible for them to take action and do it.  If you aren't diving in, I think what's really getting in the way is fear.  Fear of people saying "no" to an invitation, throwing a party that will most definately be a disaster, or worrying that their house is not exactly the way they want it to be.


In my experience, with a cocktail or glass of wine in hand, and you being authentic - nobody cares if things are perfect.  They are there to spend time with you.  I say "dive in," have fun, and express who you are no matter what that may be or where you are in life.  Make the connection - that's what matters. 

Thank you for connecting with me here, and taking time to learn a little about me.  


As someone who has had the pleasure of working with Kelley on multiple occasions at Home & Garden Television (HGTV), I can honestly say that she is an absolute triple threat. She is a fabulous designer, who works well under tight deadlines and with limited budgets. She is a dynamic and relatable on-camera talent who resonates with our viewing audience. And most importantly, she is a true team player and collaborator. On one of the projects we worked on together Kelley worked closely with an ensemble cast and a large design team, and not only did we all work well together, it actually lead to life long friendships and partnerships with all involved.
-Loren Ruch, Vice President
Programming & Development HGTV, Discovery Inc.
Kelley is one of those people that you meet and feel you've known her forever. She is completely honest and earnest. She listens and really does want to hear your story. Kelley's creativity, passion and ability to get it done always impresses me. We worked together on launching a big new brand in the marketplace. She was focused and positive on making everything work. And it did. Working with Kelley set a new standard for me. I've always referred to that experience when setting expectation on projects since.
- Mimi A. Fernandez, Director
Red Fan Communications
Kelley Moore is one of those bright stars you meet in your career that you never forget. I was charged with building a team of talented, likeable hosts and we wooed her from New York to head our home and lifestyle vertical. Joyus's short form video was the first of its kind. We were inventing something new and Kelley brought years of television experience and best practices to our brand. More importantly she showed flexibility, heart, enthusiasm, and patience through many challenging moments of our startup's trial and error period. Kelley is a professional and a natural problem solver. She also makes her surroundings more beautiful wherever she goes and took our sets and production studio to a new level the moment she arrived. We currently live in different cities but I wish we could find a way to work together again.
-Gina Pell, Content Chief
Kelley helped OfficeMax integrate must-have style with Back-To-School public relations, promotions and in-store display and merchandising. With the goal of attracting the 'tween and teen audience getting ready for a new year and a new start, Kelley curated the content and style that gave our campaign a distinct edge in a highly competitive seasonal market.
- Bill Bonner, Vice President of Communications
I worked with Kelley in her Business/Strategic Planning phase and so I got to know the extent of her brainpower/soulpower, both of which are powerful to the max. She is a very intelligent and principled young woman, and her successes are very easy for me to understand. She has an excellent brain coupled with an elegant touch.
-John Parish, President & General Manager
Business Services  Co.